Head of Design


Cameron says “One of the best parts of working at GEOCON is seeing what you are drawing happening onsite straight away.”

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Cameron Barnes is a seasoned architect and project manager with a wealth of experience in the design and construction industry. Since 2018, he has played a vital role at GEOCON, contributing to the successful delivery of notable projects such as WOVA, Establishment, and Metropol. Cameron’s career spans over two decades, during which he has worked with renowned architectural firms in London and Canberra, including TP Bennett, May Russell, and Cox Architecture. His expertise extends across various project types, from residential to commercial and multi-residential developments. Cameron’s portfolio also includes international ventures such as The Waterfront Island Master Plan in Dubai. Armed with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Canberra, Cameron combines artistic vision with technical proficiency to drive innovation and excellence in every project he undertakes.