When the New Year’s Eve parties are over and the next year begins, it may be time for some of us to start a cleanse and get back on track for the year to come.

Living at Chelsea offers a variety of healthy cafes, parks, recreational spaces, bike paths and more to help you get back to your most-healthy self.

Healthy Eating

There are a range of healthy cafes in the city, Lyneham and O’Connor shops all surrounding Chelsea.

Refreshments – The Fix Cold Pressed Juices range offers a great kick-start to a healthier life. They sell their juices across Canberra with outlets at Elk & Pea and Eighty/Twenty in Braddon, and Lyneham IGA; all of which are within minutes to Chelsea! Not to mention, you can stop in for a delicious and health conscious meal.

Mealtimes – Cafes like V-Spot Café, My Rainbow Dreams and Thr1ve in the city, all provide healthy and organic meals that taste amazing so you won’t feel as if you are missing out.

A sweet snack – everyone needs to indulge their sweet tooth from time to time; it wouldn’t be living if we didn’t! Sweet Bones Bakery, on Lonsdale Street, is the perfect snack option for a sweet taste that provides homemade and all organic products and are vegan friendly!


Mild – For a more relaxed exercise session; take a stroll through the many parks that surround Chelsea, or walk to your favourite new café in the city, mentioned above instead of driving.

Intensive – Canberra is hiking trails galore and Chelsea has easy access to so many! Our recommendation is Black Mountain; it’s a short drive to the city and you can then make your way up the mountain with the reward of a stunning view of Canberra and the feeling of a job-well done.

Pets – O’Connor has a fantastic dog park that is perfect to let your furry friend start his/her New Year journey back to healthy habits.


The beauty of Chelsea is its close proximity to the hustle and bustle of the city but not too close that your home can serve as a welcome and tranquil retreat from all the noise.

Whether you stay in your apartment or join friends in the shared vegetable garden and its surrounds; Chelsea can be just what you need for a quiet beginning to prepare for the New Year.


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