Geocon’s investigations into noises at Wayfarer apartments are continuing, with further technical specialists this week assessing the possible origin of noises affecting a small number of residents in the building.

Geocon met this morning with members of the Wayfarer Executive Committee to update them on the progress of investigations over the past week. The key findings include:

– Ruled out any involvement of the building services – Lifts, Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Fire Services.

– Thermal imaging of the building’s roof and façade yielded no results.

– HW Technologies has been onsite measuring airborne sounds, with no cause pin-pointed as yet, but further tests will be completed including measuring sounds from outside the building.

– An additional consulting firm has been engaged to measure building movement and vibrations. Significant data has been collected during the field work this week. The data will be analysed over the next few days with a report expected next week. Preliminary commentary indicateds from SLR indicating that the noises may be related to a very slight building movement, something that is very common in tall buildings.

– Geocon has brought in a further independent consultant to conduct a 3rd party review with regard to structural and façade elements of the building, and to review and make comment on all reports received from other external consultants.

– The building’s structural engineer has been on site to observe some of the testing as well as perform visual inspections of the structural elements. At this stage there is still no concern that there are any issues with the building structure.

Geocon, the Wayfarer Executive Committee and Independent Strata Management continue to work closely to address the issue.

Any questions from owners or residents should be addressed to Independent Strata Management in the first instance.

Media inquiries: Jane Seaborn 0414 829 282


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