Geocon’s investigations into noises at Wayfarer apartments are continuing, with technical specialists brought in to assess the possible origin.

The Wayfarer Body Corporate has been updated of the progress of investigations over the past week, which have included:

– On site investigation by a senior structural engineer to inspect elements of the structure including precast walls and balustrades, the lift core and roof slab. The engineer’s report stated “there did not appear to be any structural defects or cracking”;

– Controlled and monitored shut downs of major services including hydraulic, fire, mechanical and lifts, to assess if the noises continued while each was shut down, for the purposes of ruling out plant and equipment as a cause.

The investigations have revealed the noises are predominantly emanating from the upper levels of the Wayfarer building, in those apartments with a north easterly aspect, however some sound is travelling through the building from there.

The times of day when the noises are more frequent coincides with the level of sun exposure, suggesting the noises may be related to thermal expansion and contraction. Expansion or contraction of even micro-millimetres in significant expanses of concrete can result in noises, and is not uncommon in large buildings.

Geocon has engaged industry-leading acoustic and vibration specialists HW Technologies to come to Canberra to assess and measure localised acoustic emissions using their state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment including the VibroLaser and acoustic camera. These can measure very minute movements of fractions of millimetres.

Those investigations will commence this Monday and a further update will be provided to the Body Corporate after the report from HW Technologies is in hand.

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