Christmas is a time of giving and we are incredibly proud to share a story about the generosity of one of our employees.

Tom Stephens, a development manager who has worked with GEOCON for two years, recently attended the Southern Plumbing Supplies 40th anniversary party in Canberra where he was lucky enough to win the lucky door prize.

But instead of taking the $10,000 travel voucher, Tom chose to donate it to Menslink, a not-for-profit organisation that supports young men across Canberra to overcome challenges in their life.

For Tom, it was an easy decision to make, but it certainly stunned everyone on the night, particularly Southern Plumbing’s managing director Warwick Beutler.

“Everyone was absolutely bowled over by Tom’s generosity. Everybody at our 40th birthday dinner, everyone associated with Menslink and everyone I’ve spoken to since our event has been amazed and delighted,” Warwick said.

“Spontaneous generosity like this is inspirational.  It ensures that good causes such as Menslink get the support they deserve.

“With one simple gesture, Tom Stephens has shown the way.”




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