Terms & Conditions

Website terms and conditions for incentive

1. The following Terms and Conditions apply to the provision of Incentives to our Buyers.
2. From time to time we offer Incentives to our Buyers. Not all Incentives are offered for all Projects.
3. In our absolute discretion, we may:
(a) choose which Incentives are offered for what Projects;
(b) limit the time period for which an Incentive is offered to Buyers;
(c) withdraw an Incentive at any time.

4. We will only be required to provide an Incentive if the Buyer enters into a separate written agreement with us.

5. No Incentives will be provided to a Buyer unless the Buyer strictly complies with the provisions of their Contract for Sale including, but not limited to:
(a) payment of the deposit pursuant the Contract for Sale; and
(b) completing their purchase on or before the date for completion as specified in the Contract for Sale.

6. If an Incentive (or part of an Incentive) is not available for any reason, we reserve the right to substitute that Incentive (or part of the Incentive which is not available) with an alternative incentive of equal or greater value, in our absolute discretion.

7. We reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at any time in our absolute discretion, without notice to you.

8. In these Terms and Conditions:

(a) Buyer means a buyer who enters into a Contract for Sale with us.
(b) Contract for Sale means a contract for the sale of a unit in a Project entered into between the Buyer and us.
(c) Incentive means incentives that we may choose to offer to our Buyers or potential buyers from time to time.
(d) Projects means a development project that is promoted by us.
(e) Us and we means Geocon Group Pty Ltd ACN 165 918 356 and its related entities as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).



  • GEOCON will MATCH the purchaser’s deposit up to a maximum of 5% of the purchase price for TRYST and METROPOL
  • GEOCON will MATCH the purchaser’s deposit up to a maximum of 2.5% of the purchase price for HIGH SOCIETY, REPUBLIC and DUSK
  • The Purchaser can Exchange Contracts on $1000 with the balance due 15 December 2018 (or 30 days after contract exchange, whichever is later)
  • Only available to the next 30 sales from 14/9/2018
  • The sale must exchange within 48 Hours of being reserved
  • The minimum deposit paid by the purchaser must be 2.5% of the purchase price
  • Only available on apartments with a purchase price below $750,000. Not available with any other offers (E.g 3% gold club, 7% rental G’tee)
  • Not available to existing purchasers who have not yet exchanged
  • The matched deposit will be paid by GEOCON into the MV’s Trust Account under the respective matter after the purchaser has paid their balance of the deposit
  • Once GEOCON’s contribution has been paid, a Trust Account Receipt will be provided to the purchaser
  • This may be used in conjunction with the $25,000 VISA incentive ONLY for HIGH SOCIETY, REPUBLIC and DUSK