At GEOCON, we pride ourselves on being innovative and discovering what it is you are looking for when it comes to your perfect home.

Canberra is a place of fantastic suburbs that provide safe neighbours that offer amenity for every household’s needs.

Some people, however, love city living and all the inclusions and amenity of an apartment complex but wish to bring that to the suburbs.

We have recognised the need for this type of living in Canberra and have provided apartment-living in Canberra’s most popular and exciting suburbs; providing you with your dream home in your dream location.

Apartment living means leaving behind weekend chores such as mowing the lawn, home repairs and general maintenance. It also means access to a range of amenities such as pools, barbecue areas, shared gardens, open spaces and more; the perfect set-up for modern living.

Apartment-living generally means being away from the quiet and calm of suburban life we all crave at times.

GEOCON has brought you homes in these popular suburbs that offer the tranquil and friendly neighbourhood you have been looking for, whilst not being too far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This type of living provides you with the best of both worlds and we can’t wait to bring more of our apartments to Canberra’s best suburbs.


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