The “topping out” event for workers held at GEOCON’s Wayfarer site in Belconnen yesterday afternoon at the end of the working week should have been a happy occasion where every worker was able to celebrate the team’s efforts and be proud of the accomplishment.

There was inappropriate entertainment at this event and I apologise unreservedly.

Completing the construction of the highest point of Canberra’s tallest residential apartment building is cause for celebration and it is a tradition in the construction industry for workers to mark the “topping out” of a building.

I need to re-evaluate what is acceptable for this sort of event to celebrate achievements. We want to be open and have a progressive attitude towards men and women. Clearly on this occasion we failed to properly consider how these celebrations might not be acceptable, or meet community standards more generally. It is certainly not reflective of the company’s wider culture.

I will be reviewing all upcoming events to ensure that this is not repeated and that future celebrations will reflect appropriately the high standards I want GEOCON to be known for.

There are no safety issues arising from conducting the event. The work site was shut down 30 minutes prior to the event starting. All invited guests had been inducted onto the site previously or were signed in as per normal site procedures. As always, I will ensure we cooperate with WorkSafe and respond fully to any inquiries they may have.

I hold the welfare of the workers at GEOCON as my highest priority. Our HR Manager Suzy Jones is available for any workers who have concerns, and can be contacted on 6255 0430. Likewise, I am always available personally for any worker who wishes to discuss this or any other matter of concern and can be contacted by telephone or email.

Media inquiries: Jane Seaborn 0414 829 282


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