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Geocon and Iconic Hotels are pleased to present the Canberra City Luxury Hotel (CCLH).

CCLH will be built at 60-70 Bunda Street adjoining Garema Place.

It will be Canberra’s first luxury mixed-used building, with 215 luxury hotel rooms, high grade office space, a wellness centre, multi-use event space, bars, cafes, signature restaurant, ballroom, function spaces, club lounge, outdoor bar and roof terrace pool. The CCLH will also feature Gus’ café and alfresco dining.

CCLH will be the catalyst for renewal at Garema Place. The building will draw more people to the heart of Canberra and create a vibrant new precinct for locals and visitors alike.

It was also deliver a much-needed rejuvenation of one of Canberra’s iconic meeting places, Garema Place.

Geocon will seek approval to demolish the two existing two-storey commercial buildings and replace them with a new luxury hotel and commercial offerings.

The site is located in an area covered by the City Precinct Code and subject to the CZ1 Core Zone commercial zones development code.


The block is located in the centre of Canberra within the City Precinct Code. Criteria C37 within the City Precinct Code of the Territory Plan states that:

Redevelopment within Garema Place is consistent with a comprehensive design or the whole area identified in a Planning Report under Section 97 of the Planning and Development Act 2007’.


The CZ1 Commercial Zones Code objectives ‘encourage a mix of predominantly commercial land uses that contribute to a diverse and active character’ and ‘promote vibrant, interesting and lively street frontages including during evenings and weekends.

This development provides a mix of hotel, functions spaces, offices, restaurants, wellness centre and cafes a wide range of commercial uses throughout the site. Access from both Bunda Street and Garema Place provides lively street frontages within the locality. The hotel lobby will be active 24/7 and the bars, cafes and restaurants will have a wide variety of opening times, including weekends and evenings.


The building is proposed to be 11 stories, the building will cascade away from Garema Place to allow sunlight into Garema Place and create a visually interesting building with less impact on the space.


Maintaining reasonable sun access to Garema Place is an important element of the project. The building design has been configured to facilitate solar access to Garema Place.  A solar analysis will be included with the development application.


Pedestrians will be able to access the building from multiple angles, creating an experience from Garema Place and Bunda Street, while still maintaining the laneway feel with the adjacent buildings to the west.


Access for service vehicles will be provided off Bunda Street, the same access will be used to park cars via a ramp.


The Development Application is anticipated to be lodged in at the end of May 2019.  Subject to development approval, demolition and construction are expected to commence in early 2020.

To comment on the development application please follow through to the ACT Government's planning website here. 

To download the Garema Community Consultation document click here

Geocon will hold two drop in sessions for local businesses and residents to hear more about the project on:
• Tuesday, 21 May, 5-7pm and
• Wednesday 22 May, 12-2pm.
Both info sessions will be held at the Geocon City Sales Centre on Garema Place.