Over the last month, the introduction of more machines on the Midnight site has sped up the progress of the excavation and shoring works. With the first level of the basement almost complete and significant inroads made to the construction of the second level, Geocon’s onsite team is expecting to topple the foundations of NRMA House in coming weeks.

The first level of the basement is now encompassed by shotcrete, with the exception of the entry ramp, and sections of the second level, on the Northbourne Avenue and Elouera Street sides of the development, are almost complete. The latest report from the construction team is that anchoring work is now complete to the basement one level and progressing to the second and final row.

Built in 1970, the former NRMA House and its tenants delivered numerous services to the people of Canberra for 45 years until the motoring association sold the site to Geocon in 2016.

The $200 million Midnight development will be the face of the future, transforming the Northbourne Avenue corridor by 2020. Designed by renowned architects Fender Katsalidis, it will sit adjacent to the Elouera Street light rail stop and include a 185-room hotel and 2600 sqm of commercial space.

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