Proximity to the city, a sense of history and place and the great architecture of Canberra are just some of the things that inspired Metropol’s timeless and sophisticated design.

According to architects David Sutherland and Nicky Drobis of Fender Katsalidis, Metropol’s site was particularly intriguing.

“Ainslie Avenue is one of the major avenues connecting the key symbols of Australian democracy with the topography of Canberra,” Sutherland said.

“The site also represents the transition from the city across the elegant inner-northern suburbs to the bushlands of Mount Ainslie.”

It was for these reasons, he said, that Geocon and Fender Katsalidis wanted Metropol to inspire a meaningful sense of place.

“We wanted to capture this in a design that responds to both its urban and suburban context and neighbours”.

Drobis said the team also wanted to acknowledge the beautiful amenity of neighbouring Glebe Park and the integration of buildings within a landscape, at which Canberra excels.

“The result is an evocative butterfly design that creates a delightful flow and rhythm throughout the buildings,” Drobis said.

“Each building has a distinct flavour of its own but can be seen to be a part of a harmonious family of buildings.”

Part of the team behind the innovative NewActon precinct, Sutherland and Drobis believe Metropol will deliver its residents to the doorstep of an amazing lifestyle.

“It will play a pivotal part in the ongoing transformation of Canberra from a suburban city to one in which the urban and suburban co-exist. The city at its core will be a denser, exciting, active and energetic place to be,” Drobis said.

“It will be quite remarkable having so much so close. Metropol residents really will ‘own the city’.”




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