Geocon staff are specialists in their field but occasionally they are jacks of all trades!

With no time to lose before the Infinity Pre-Settlement Information Evening, Digital Content and Social Media Manager, Elisa Sko, and Customer Services Manager, Ashley Collins, stepped up to play the golden-haired couple in the Geocon’s Buyers’ Guide video launched at the event.

Even though they’re not really a couple and acting isn’t normally in their repertoire, we thought Elisa and Ashley did a great job looking the part of buyers viewing their apartment for the first time, visiting conveyancers and more.

In her everyday role, Elisa is usually preoccupied with Geocon’s social posts and website. As our customer services manager, Ashley spends his working week helping buyers with their enquiries before and after settlement and throughout the 90-day Defect Liability Period.

Filming took them both offsite to Wayfarer and beyond for five very long days. They were joined on location by our in-house producer, a film crew from Sydney and some more Geocon acting talent, Senior Sales Executive Natasha Johnson (who played herself) and Development Manager, Nick Merriman (who played a tradie).

Watch Elisa, Ashley, Nick and Natasha in the Infinity Buyers’ Guide video


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