Tom Stephens donates $10k prize to Menslink

16 December 2016

Tom Stephens walked out of the Southern Plumbing Supplies 40th anniversary party in Canberra as a winner of the lucky door prize for flights valued at $10,000. 

All he had to do was choose a destination.

But it was Southern Plumbing managing director Warwick Beutler’s speech, which drowned out the noise of his impromptu holiday.

He spoke about the hundreds of young men, employed in the industry, who had no idea where they were going. Many who had ‘fallen through the cracks’, some coming from troubled backgrounds.

He ended with a challenge to be better, and support Menslink, a non-for-profit organisation which supports young men and families in Canberra.

It was an easy decision to make, it doesn’t cost you anything to be a good human– Former local, Tom Stephens

By the end of the night no one expected the Goulburn bred, GEOCON development manager would give all his winnings to Menslink.

“It was an easy decision to make, it doesn’t cost you anything to be a good human,” Mr Stephens said.

Attending keynote Menslink events earlier in the year, he learnt about the significance in stronger role models for young men and the harm in unacceptable attitudes.

“The stories told at these events were confronting and cannot be forgotten,” he said.

Menslink CEO Martin Fisk was overwhelmed and inspired by the act of generosity from Mr Stephens when he heard the news.

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