Taking Canberra to new heights

1 December 2016

In Canberra, one of the success stories of the last decade has been GEOCON.

The local construction company has quickly grown from a small builder into an ambitious developer with its eye on one of the largest projects the city has seen.

After spending an hour with Founder and Managing Director, Nick Georgalis, it’s difficult not to get swept up in his energy and excitement that has propelled the company to where it is today. However, there is a solid philosophical foundation to the business, as well as a deep love of Canberra that inspires him to build even bigger and better things.


You seem to move at a breakneck speed. Where does this come from? Building, selling, or showcasing?

(Laughs) Look, I’m a pretty energetic person I guess, but I’m also a really proud Canberran. I grew up here, went to school here (Ginninderra College) and, while I lived away for a little while this is now very much my home.

The business came into being after I left a full time job in 2006 , and Geocon was created the year after. We’ve had a lot of growth over the last decade, and now employ 180 people directly as part of the local construction industry and our hotels (the Abode Hotel Group) and there are more exciting things on the horizon.

The people we employ are the most important asset. I think that energy – the entrepreneurial spirit – attracts like-minded people, and it makes Geocon a pretty exciting place to work.

In a lot of businesses, the structure focusses on the administration of the business. Everyone here has an entrepreneurial spirit and is contributing new and exciting ways to push the business forward.

This means that we have grown to be an experienced company that is still inspired by innovation and a desire to do things no one has done before.

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