Gang-gang. Belconnen’s elegant brute: Wayfarer apartments begin to tower

8 June 2016

Your columnist, seldom venturing out these days to penetrate the mystique of 21st-century Belconnen, was a little worried that it might be hard to find the site of the Wayfarer apartments for Wednesday’s media event there.

But in fact the building of Wayfarer, destined to be a towering-by-Canberra-standards 88 metres tall with 27 floors and with 331 of what the developers promise in their pamphlets will be “sun-drenched” apartments, turns out to be well under way. It is already looming and impossible to miss.

When you are a sensitive soul, something really rather exciting about watching and listening to a very big building being busily built. Looking at it, admiringly on Wednesday from across the road, it seemed a living, noisy thing. The site was a cacophony of drilling and hammerings. A great concrete panel was being hefted aloft by a tall but slender crane.

This columnist is not a real estate writer but the Wayfarer is, like the same developer, Geocon’s, Infinity Towers project at Gungahlin, of interest to anyone who is a student of Canberra. Our city is changing before our very eyes.

Then as well, well-travelled, cosmopolitan Canberrans hanker for some true skyscrapers to break up the monotony of our city’s low, shy skylines. Infinity Towers and now Wayfarer  give us at least a kind of skyscraper lite. A city without any buildings that tower and swagger and call out “Look at me!” feels like a meek, milksop city, a city with an inferiority complex.

GEOCON minions issued us with hard hats and with fluorescent green fluor vests.  My protests that the vulgar vest clashed with my boyish complexion and with my powder-blue shirt fell on deaf ears. We were taken into the shell of the building, the whole place delicately perfumed with the heady scent of raw cement. We ascended to the sixth floor in a builders’ lift that rattled excitingly.

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