From today, valuers can gain access to Infinity apartments, so it’s time for buyers to contact their financial institution. And if they haven’t already, it’s time to also make sure they organise their mortgage and solicitor or conveyancer so they will be ready to settle on time. Late settlements will attract penalties, so it’s important to get everything in place as soon as possible.

For apartments bought through an Independent Property Group sales agent, valuers need to book their inspection through Kellie Tattersall of IPG Project Marketing. If an apartment has been purchased through a Geocon sales agent, the valuer will need to make the inspection appointment with this person.

This week is also the time for Infinity buyers to organise their mortgage and solicitor or conveyancer if they haven’t already. Sorting these out promptly will mean they are ready to complete their purchase on time and avoid additional costs.

For those who haven’t found a conveyancer, Geocon has partnered with Velocity Conveyancing to offer buyers preferential rates and fast access. For more information, read the Infinity Settlement Guide fact sheet 4.


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