Crace; one of Canberra’s most exciting suburbs encourages and motivates you to get on your bike and see the beautiful sights of Canberra!

There are so many reasons to get out there and experience the outdoors and we have listed just a few:

Take your bike out to the trails in any one of Crace’s gorgeous natural reserves and work on your new personal best time and distance with a fantastic view of Canberra’s natural beauty.

Taking the bikes is an easy option for getting together with friends, packing a picnic lunch and riding to your chosen destination and relaxing in the sunshine.

Take off whenever you please! The best part about a bike is there’s no petrol required! Not to mention you’ll be leaving the traffic behind wherever you go.

The passing view alone is enough to make you want to take the bike out for a spin but the fitness, fun and freedom of riding a bike should push you over the line to get out there when you live at Newtown!

What else does Newtown having waiting for you? For starters a $12.5k rebate!


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