When did you join Geocon and why?

I joined Geocon in 2014. I’d heard about the company through a friend who suggested I apply for the job. At the time, Geocon was evolving from a small residential builder looking to venture into larger residential and commercial developments. Despite the risk associated with moving from a “comfortable” role with another construction company, the passion and drive of the people at Geocon, and the opportunities that were presented, excited me and I knew I had to be part of it.


What is your role and what does it involve?

As a Project Manager, a typical day involves running a pre-start with all the people involved in the project to ensure they’re aware of all of the activities that will be undertaken on the day, as well as identifying any potential problems to overcome. I spend time with the site manager to discuss any issues, as well as with the engineers and contracts administrators to review things like costs and budgets. I also spend time on procurement to ensure the most effective and efficient methods of construction are in place. I spend a lot of time on design and compliance-related issues, and the rest of the day is spent fixing ad hoc works.


What are some of the things you most like about working for Geocon:

I manage a team of 15+ people, and I really like working with large teams. It’s a great part of my job.


Funniest thing that’s happened at work?

Every day at work something humorous happens, working in the “Bull Pen” was always good fun. The Bull Pen is a nickname given to the construction department at head office.


The best thing you’ve learned in your role here?

I never expected I’d learn about resource management. I have learned over time that everyone is different and needs to be responded to in a different manner. Our most valuable assets are our people and they need to be our number one priority.


What are your career aspirations?

Geocon has the career progression that I was looking for. It’s not like other construction companies because here you really can plot your own career path. This has helped in getting to my current role as a Project Manager on our Midnight project in Braddon. My ultimate career goals are to continue to challenge both myself and the people that I work with, to be the best and, ultimately, to continue to be the best builder in Canberra.


What do you like to do outside work?

I enjoy fishing, and I also enjoy getting back to my roots to do farming when I get the opportunity.


Would you recommend Geocon to others looking for a good career path?

Yes I would. The satisfaction of completing a project, regardless of the size, makes all the blood, sweat and tears throughout worthwhile.


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