Why did you join Geocon?

I wanted the opportunity to create and develop a legal team for a high-growth, dynamic company, and the offer was too good to turn down. I am the third generation of a family in real estate and property development, and I have wanted to get back to the industry for a while as I feel it is in my blood. Geocon also provided me with the opportunity to work more flexibly and have worklife balance.


What was your role and what does it involve?

I’m the Group General Counsel. I lead the legal and conveyancing team and am responsible for all legal, risk and company secretariat functions for the group. The biggest portion of my day I would describe as being a firefighter – dealing with any issues that may pop up. You never know what could happen in a day – its very different and very exciting every day!


Is your role the same today?

I have been able to shape my role as I would like it from the beginning. It has changed drastically as the company has grown and I’ve pursued opportunities to streamline processes and make the legal function more cost effective by bringing more in-house. I love change. When I started it was just me in legal, now we have six team members.


What are some of the things you most like about working for Geocon:

The variety in the work, the dynamic and changing environment, the interesting and challenging work, and the fun, vibrant culture. The flexibility and work life balance I have struck while working at Geocon has made a world of difference to me.


Funniest thing that’s happened at work?

In the legal function you learn to keep many matters confidential – that will have to be one of them as I would hate to embarrass anyone!


The best thing you’ve learned in your role here?

Not to take no for an answer – many people will tell you something is not possible, but if are determined and work hard, everything is possible.


What are your career aspirations?

To learn as much as I can in this role, build and grow a high-performing legal team and assist in taking Geocon to the next level.


What do you like to do outside work?

I’m a crazy chicken lady and when I am not hatching or spending time with my chickens, I like travelling the world.


Would you recommend Geocon to others looking for a good career path?



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