When did you join Geocon, and why?

I joined in 2015 when I needed a change. My ex-team leader was helpful and recommended Geocon as a very well-respected business in the construction and development industry in Canberra. The work culture and the team here are excellent, which are big factors for me. The things that stood out in the role were good work processes, and that the company is growing bigger and better on all levels.


What is your role and what does it involve?

I am an accounts supervisor. A typical day for me involves invoices, statements, purchase orders, and reconciling the accounts to prepare payment runs. I also manage things like utility accounts for the apartments before and after their settlement.


What are some of the things you most like about working for Geocon:

Geocon is a lovely environment where I feel welcomed. There is a respectful atmosphere among the team, which is very important to me. The office is like a home away from home. I go out of my way to wish everyone good morning because it’s important to me that each person has a lovely day.


Funniest thing that’s happened at work?

I am basically a clown at my desk and entertain the team around me. Over email, many people type my name as ‘Booby’, and people like to call me ‘Poppy’. Sometimes, people who speak to me over the phone are shocked when they realise that I am female. Many think my name is a male name.


The best thing you’ve learned in your role here?

To stick to my true values, which are respect, hard work, dedication and consistency. I believe in myself and I try my best to achieve, and work towards my goals. I learn anything and everything each day from all the people around me, unique to their situations or skills. I believe I have the fighting spirit and a great attitude, and I look up to the General Managers for their guidance. Our Managing Director Nick Georgalis has a lovely spirit, and he remembers everyone’s name in his company.


What are your career aspirations?

I would love to venture out into other areas of business – I have lots of versatile skills.


What do you like to do outside work?

I have my “famous five” besties who are a rabbit, a guinea pig, and three dogs who teach me the simple and amazing values of life. In the evenings I enjoy gardening, which is a retreat to recharge my energy. I like to explore nature’s beauty and one day I would love to have my garden pictured in a gardening magazine. I socialise on weekends with friends and my extended family, and love exploring new places both locally and around Australia. I enjoy cooking, exploring new techniques and recipes across all cuisines, but I usually end up making the Indian version, which is my heritage.


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