Geocon is committed to responsibly contributing to the sustainability of our city.

Research and development, as well as extensive stakeholder consultation, play a key role in every project to improve efficiencies and create better systems and processes that benefit the business, the buyer and the wider community.

From cutting-edge safety education initiatives to sustainability firsts and state-of-the-art prefabricated solutions, Geocon is making its mark not just by building more safely, but by contributing to a more productive industry.

From initial master planning, to post-site development, Geocon is invested in creating destinations that enrich the Canberra landscape.

As specialists in high-rise, mixed use precincts, Geocon believes that sustainability and smart business practice are the key to creating more liveable spaces. Via strict sustainability strategies, Geocon actively monitor their triple bottom line.

All development projects are geared to maximise solar access and increase energy conservation, while limiting negative urban impact.

Geocon strives to build precincts which deter crime and increase passive surveillance, creating safe spaces that are vibrant, diverse and actively engage intergenerational communities.

Sustainability measures including smart waste reduction and recycling management, via pioneering a pilot program for Canberra’s first residential development Roll On Roll Off compactus, places Geocon at the forefront of industry waste management considerations.

Offsite prefabrication of building elements, such as plumbing and wet spaces, as well as structural reinforcement, column systems and precast stairs, simplifies the on-site process and reduces construction time, defects, material usage and on-site waste.

Smart landscaping practices, water sensitive urban design, greenification and eco-design mapping further strengthen Geocon’s legacy and reputation as a leader in building Canberra’s future through smart, sustainable developments.

All Geocon developments achieve six-star rating thanks to our commitment to using best practices on site. We believe that developing our town centres and protecting the urban fringe will create better environmental outcomes for Canberra’s precious bush surrounds.