“Transforming property ownership in Australia”

our vision


The Geocon brand represents Australia’s fastest growing property development company, focused on positive outcomes for its buyers, its community and its people. Geocon is a high-performance group of destination makers and precinct developers who push the boundaries and challenge the norms through development of urban communities. The Geocon brand vision recognises the company’s capacity as not only a developer, but a leading builder with an eye on better social and economic solutions into the future.

Our Manifesto

Our people are the fundamental building blocks of the company.
Individually great.
Collectively achieving greatness.
Our altitude comes with pressure to be high functioning.
We rise to the occasion.
Above the bs, beyond the past.

Those who build the change, are the first to change
At this height you’ll find greater perspective.
Conviction lies in those who look up before they move forward.
It takes people, accountability and commitment to raise the bar.
That’s how we change the skyline.

Stand tall, Be Proud.
Rise High.



The Geocon brand statement encapsulates the ambition felt by the company, its staff and its buyers. The work done by Geocon is future defining as it has forever changes the face and nature of the city, while also assuring better living conditions for our residents and positive economic outcomes for our investors. We know our buyers want security in their homes and their investments. As a future defining brand, Geocon offers these assurances to our residents and investors, our key stakeholders, partners and our people.


Our values underpin everything we do. They are the foundation upon which we shape our engagement with clients and the behaviours that we demand from our staff and suppliers.

our brand


Our people are central to our business, they form the building blocks of our company. We recognise the power of the individual to make a difference, and the collective power of the team to drive long-term advantage. We invest in career development and knowledge building for our people, rewarding performance and support our people in achieving their professional goals.


We set the pace and standard for property development in Australia. We lead with the very best technology and constantly seek improvements in our processes and systems to create efficiencies for our people and customers. We push boundaries, challenge the norm and are thought leaders in the property game striving for excellence in everything we deliver. We are unique and think differently, and it is these attributes that allows us to create the most innovative precincts that inspire our people, customer and communities.


We consistently put our customers first because when our actions are driven by their needs, we continuously deliver exceptional customer experience. We live for our customers, going above and beyond to form genuine, authentic connections.


We are proud to provide more choice of accessible, quality built, innovative homes in a competitive market. We are community builders by virtue of the amenity and building we create. Our work has attracted record national and international investment that has significantly shaped Canberra and enabled us to continue building.

Our Employee Values


We think like our customers; a sense of excitement, discernment for quality and with the highest expectation of ourselves. By focusing on our customer, we can meet and exceed their expectations of the Geocon difference.


Our teams and individuals make the difference. It’s when we share our skills, knowledge and experience we become one team. Our different thinking styles across departments and diverse teams drive our work. We drive each other in pursuit of our goals. We break down barriers. Together, we are One Geocon.


As individuals we take accountability for our work, we deliver to a high standard and take ownership of everything we say and do. We know in order to succeed as a team, we must individually deliver. We own our work and understand that blame has no place if we are to achieve our collective goals.


We don’t want to be complacent and accept the status quo – we want to aim for more. We are curious and look beyond accepted boundaries to continuously find new ways to improve. We imagine the ideal outcome by making smart, informed choices even in the small, everyday things.


We support those individuals who have the courage to put up their hand to ask for help. As a team, we lift each other up to face challenges, no matter how uncomfortable or daunting they may be. By doing so, we are able to find solutions together. We have the courage to speak up when our values are not being upheld. We have the courage to be proud of who we are and what we do.


We’ve grown tremendously as a company, we’ve learned to take nothing for granted. There’s always challenges that lie ahead and nothing in life is a certainty. It’s important to be respectful, be confident without being arrogant, and treat others the way that we want to be treated.