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Sean Unwin

Chief Financial Officer


Sean’s ability to drive positive financial outcomes has empowered Geocon to become one of the ACT’s great financial success stories.

Across a pipeline of 13 projects, 4500 apartments valued at more than $2.5 billion, Sean holds one of Canberra’s most complex, but rewarding financial positions. So great is his responsibility within the organisation, Sean oversees an economy which rivals that of the entire ACT. 

It’s a big responsibility, but one Sean has taken on with energy and enthusiasm since joining Geocon in 2017. Sean’s 25 years’ experience in corporate strategy, operations and financial management have provided the foundations Geocon requires to go to the next level.

Economic strategy and achieving the next level are fundamentals Sean has built his career on. Sean will tell you high-end financial control doesn’t start and end with numbers. It’s also about leadership, knowing how to get the most out of individuals and team cohesion.

Sean leads his team from the front, is always visible on the floor and believes in supporting his staff to reach their potential. He is committed to a diverse workplace, where the best and most innovative are rewarded.