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Peter Micalos

General Manager – Development


Passion, innovation and charisma are all hallmarks of Peter’s approach to driving positive change for Canberra through Geocon’s award-winning development portfolio.

Peter is a respected, well connected Canberran who can command the attention of a large crowd or boutique, intimate audience. He surrounds himself with people who are committed to the same cause as Geocon, to create a Canberra which future generations will be proud of, while also transforming the way people purchase property in Australia.

As the leader of Geocon’s development and commercial arms, Peter has driven Managing Director, Nick Georgalis’ vision, to become Australia’s most successful property developer and the ACT’s best-known, privately-owned brand.

His approach has always been to search out innovative solutions and new ways to do business, which break down the barriers for people looking to enter the property market or to extend their portfolio.

Peter calls upon his experience working with Treasury, the Land Development Agency and his time in construction to identify emerging market opportunities and understand where Geocon customers need more support.

An invaluable cog in the Geocon machine, Peter’s 150+ staff are responsible for delivering:

A projected pipeline of more than 4500 apartments valued at almost $2.5 billion Record breaking capabilities in sales, which regularly clear more than 50 apartments week

Award winning design and production led by an outstanding team of development managers

World-class marketing campaigns which challenge the boundaries and set the tone for luxury living in Canberra

As a result of Peter’s drive, Geocon offers an end-to-end service for its customers who will be looked after from the time they lodge an enquiry with a sales agent, through to exchange, obtaining finance, settlement and for investors, property management.