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Nick Brearley

Sales Executive


A Canberra local through and through, Nick inherited his passion for sales and real estate from his industry veteran father.

Before making the professional leap in 2016, Nick worked as a sales manager at Fitness First for five years where he learned the importance of planning and good communication – skills that he uses in his role at Geocon today.

After purchasing his first home back in 2012, Nick was determined to help others discover that buying a property does not have to be a scary or difficult experience – especially when you have a committed, high-energy yet down to earth agent with an extensive knowledge of Canberra on your side.

In his spare time, Nick enjoys travelling the world, having a laugh with friends and family, and trying the endless stream of new restaurants and bars opening up around Canberra. He also enjoys hitting the gym and getting outdoors – walking up Mount Ainslie with his dogs is one of his favourite pastimes.