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The world-renowned house music duo have joined Geocon’s impressive roster of collaborators and these Canberra-born superstars are bringing a whole new sound to our innovative apartment projects.

Fresh from creating remixes for everyone from Flume to London Grammar, the locally based musicians worked closely with the design teams behind Republic – the city’s largest mixed-use development – in a rare and exciting meeting of minds.

Their task? To optimise the acoustic and entertainment experiences for residents and visitors alike. As a result, they’ve been able to bring their unique remix expertise to help craft ‘apartments designed for sound’. Adding something truly special to Geocon’s offering, this creative partnership will see the duo curate all music and sound installations featured in Republic, Dusk and Midnight’s public spaces, as well as creating the ideal sound configurations for the residential apartments and hotel rooms.

At Geocon, we believe that music makes a rich and vibrant contribution to contemporary living – one that is often overlooked. Which is why Republic, Dusk and Midnight feature exceptional attention to sound quality with inclusions such as sound-proofing, insulation, double glazing, built-in Speakercraft speakers and Sonos amplifiers.

In the words of The Aston Shuffle, "sound is key in helping transform a functional space into a luxurious and sensory environment".

Discover it for yourself, and join the new wave.