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All too often, sound is a (or more so, the) forgotten element in the built environment. The innovative team at Geocon have set about rectifying this oversight through a collaboration with the masterminds at Sonos® – the wireless home sound system.

From gentle tones that wind you down after a long day at work, to lively jazz beats that soundtrack cocktail hour, at Geocon, we understand the all-important role audio plays in enlivening your home. Which is why each apartment in Republic, Canberra’s largest mixed-use development, has been ‘custom designed for sound’.

Inspired Geocon partners and world-renowned musicians The Aston Shuffle drew upon their industry expertise to determine the best, state-of-the-art music installations fit for contemporary living. Their first and only choice? Premium Sonos® audio systems – now specified for all of Republic, Dusk and Midnight’s apartments, and integrated discreetly into the existing ceiling spaces.

World leaders in sound devices and installations, the clever Sonos® Connect: Amp allows you to play whatever the mood is calling for in each and every room of your home via WiFi.

Geocon has added further sound-enhancing design features like double glazing in all apartments, together with high-quality noise insulation in the walls and floors. All so you can amp up every moment with powerful, pulse-pounding sound.