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As part of our vision to create vibrant, connected communities, Geocon has collaborated with leading Canberra landscape-architecture and urban-design firm Oculus.

Oculus is founded on the belief that people and their interactions form the core of great public spaces. Which is why the team focuses on creating projects that are made to be lived in rather than just looked at.

And also why they carefully consider everyday routine over spectacle, style, and event throughout the creative process. The result? Landscapes that connect people to one another and the larger environment around them – and are in harmonious accord with Geocon’s future-forward ethos. In this line, Oculus is enriching the Midnight and Republic mixed-use developments through the celebration of public art.

Following the awe-inspiring artistic footsteps of NewActon, all works will blend seamlessly into the design of the buildings and outdoor areas. Oculus believe that the design of public space is most powerful when the skills and expertise of all disciplines are encouraged to mix freely and openly; when boundaries are blurred and potentials explored. All of which lays the foundation for the perfect creative partnership. And the development of dynamic, thriving communities.