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In March 2018, we established our very own forward-thinking architectural studio. Created to deliver a full range of architectural services for current and future projects – including standardised documentation to increase construction efficiencies – the construction team now has expert support in achieving its building program within budget, while improving design outcomes.


At Geocon, safety is our utmost priority. So, we’ve devised a carefully researched training program to ensure our team is protected at all times – whether they’re on the ground floor or in the sky.

Efficiency and quality control 

Bathroom Pods

In order to improve efficiencies and maintain quality, we set out to find a prefabricated building system that would streamline the bathroom construction process, which normally involves the expertise of 12 different trades. Hickory were commissioned to construct 171 prefabricated bathroom PODs for our Midnight project. Since construction carried out off-site, the on-site process is simplified and therefore makes for a safer working environment and a reduction in construction time, defects, material usage and on-site waste.

Packaged Hydraulic Systems

In collaboration with O’Neill and Brown, Vital Design and Valsir, two exciting new evolutions in plumbing installation were implemented during the construction of our Infinity and Kingston Abode Hotel projects. These installation systems save on material wastage and construction time. Working closely with the site and design teams, bathroom pipework was designed, fabricated and assembled off-site, then delivered individually packaged for each unit - Mecanno-style.

Research and Development

Reinforcement Design And Scheduling

Using state-of-the-art technology, 3D reinforcement design and scheduling provides live information while designing the structure. This technology ensures accurate forecasting on sought-after costs and resources. 

Prefabricated Reinforcement

Prefabricated structural reinforcement is fixed off-site in a controlled environment and transported to the site already complete. This replaces the needs for on-site steel fixing and enables the final product to simply be craned to the required destination. This method reduces crane time and the number of people required to manage the works and wastage on-site. It also minimises risks from external factors, which increases safety and saves time and cost.

Prefabricated Column Systems

A complete structural system is designed and prefabricated to increase efficiencies during construction, including crane time and site steel fixing. The prefabricated columns are manufactured off-site in a controlled workshop and arrive on the site with all reinforcement items and permanent formwork systems in place.

Precast Concrete Stairs – Formed And Poured In-House

While conventionally formed concrete stairs are reinforced and poured on site, this has often created issues on-site. At Geocon, concrete stairs are precast and prepared off-site to meet 100 per cent construction compliance, to reduce waste, and improve safety with less intensive work hours on-site. This method also reduces the need for scaffolding since the prefabricated stairs can be used immediately instead.


About us 

Our footprint of precinct-style developments is expanding across the city, with our distinctive orange branding a familiar sight from Gungahlin in the north, to Tuggeranong in the south.

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Work for us 

Geocon is always seeking talented, knowledgeable and skilled employees to become part of our team.

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Graduate Program 

Investing in new talent is the key to Geocon’s continuing success, which is why we are committed to guiding and mentoring our future industry leaders.

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