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Our footprint of precinct-style developments is expanding across the city, with our distinctive orange branding a familiar sight from Gungahlin in the north, to Tuggeranong in the south. Among our buildings reshaping the national capital are Wayfarer in Belconnen and the dramatic twin towers of Infinity in Gungahlin.

Today, the Geocon flag is flying atop the ambitious mixed-use Republic precinct in Belconnen – the largest development of its kind in the ACT. With many more projects in the pipeline, we can assure you that this is only the beginning.

The catch-cry of the dedicated individuals who put their blood, sweat and tears into building the most innovative and ambitious projects in Canberra is #webleedorange. It’s no surprise then, that skill, dedication and determination are bywords for the job.

‘We are truly proud to be building Canberra.’ 

Damon Smith, General Manager 


The scope of our work has changed dramatically since Geocon launched back in 2007. Indeed, while the initial handful of full-time staff focused on building low-rise residential cottages and townhouses in Canberra’s suburbs – today is a different picture entirely.

Now, our team of over 85 (along with up to 500+ long-term contractors) is responsible for creating the most ambitious residential apartment and hotel developments the ACT has ever seen, breaking records for height, scale and amenity.

And as the demand for innovative housing choices in the capital shows no sign of slowing, Geocon’s ambitious construction division continues to expand across disciplines including construction, site and project management, engineering, workplace health and safety, architecture, design and more.

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Geocon’s multi-disciplinary construction and design team are single-handedly shaping Canberra’s skyline.

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Geocon is always seeking talented, knowledgeable and skilled employees to become part of our team.

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Graduate Program

Investing in new talent is the key to Geocon’s continuing success, which is why we are committed to guiding and mentoring our future industry leaders. 

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