World-renowned house music duo The Aston Shuffle has once again joined Geocon’s stable of world-class collaborators, bringing their unique remix expertise to “apartments designed for sound” in Canberra’s largest mixed-use development, Republic.

Located in the Belconnen town centre, Republic features exceptional attention to sound quality detail with inclusions such as sound-proofing, insulation, double glazing, built-in Speakercraft speakers and Sonos amplifiers standard in all apartments.

The Aston Shuffle’s Vance Musgrove and Mikah Freeman worked closely with the Republic design team to optimise the acoustic and entertainment experiences for residents and visitors alike, creating ideal sound configurations for residential apartments and hotel rooms. They have also curated music and sound installations for the public spaces.

“Music plays a crucial part in a modern lifestyle,” Musgrove says. “Music used to be something people consumed as a product, something we bought in a physical format, in bricks-and-mortar stores. In 2017, we carry devices that put millions of albums at our fingertips 24/7, completely on demand, and so music and sound have become more deeply ingrained in our lifestyles than ever before. When done well, music and sound fit seamlessly into a modern home no matter what the mood.”

Geocon’s General Manager Development Peter Micalos said The Aston Shuffle had drawn on their international travels for inspiration in their latest collaboration with Geocon.

“We’ve stayed in a lot of apartments,” the duo confesses. “We’ve recorded in remote places. In the role for Geocon, we’ve really tried to draw on those experiences and what we have liked and haven’t liked, and how that can be translated to a customer buying an apartment.

“Travelling as much as we do, you want to have a certain feeling when you come home. We wanted to recreate that feeling, as if it was for people who do music for a living. Ultimately, that’s what apartments are for: people.

“It’s been good to be able to bring some of that to Geocon and the projects that we’re working on together. If we can impart some of our experience of touring like crazy for 10 years to trying to create something that we know that we’ve wanted or we’ve missed when it’s not there, to people for their home, that’s a really cool experience to be able to bring.”

Micalos said world-renowned collaborators like The Aston Shuffle, Jamie Durie, Tetsuya Wakada, Fender Katsalidis Architects, OCULUS Urban Design and Matt Blatt added something truly special to Geocon’s developments.

“The approach that Geocon has with these new developments like Republic and Midnight is that sound is the focus. From our point of view, staying in hotels and apartments, it’s almost like sound is the last thing that is considered,” Musgrove says.

“The ability to be able to do this is a very a cool idea. No one’s really doing that. So, for us to be able to offer our experience when it’s such a new concept is really exciting.

“Somebody of Geocon’s calibre is crucial if we’re going to be imparting these ideas because we want to make sure that they’re given the best treatment.

“Geocon’s statement with this is it’s all about sound, the installation and moods that it creates. To me and also to Vance, it’s perfect harmony.”

Freeman says The Aston Shuffle has been very fortunate to have toured around the world and stay in parts of Europe and America, and the UK.

“We’ve been living out of suitcases and hotel rooms. Some, quite luxurious, others, not so luxurious! I started really taking in all the spots we have stayed, and the convenience you want in certain types of places.”

For the music collaboration with Geocon, the team says they took inspiration from the type and style of the apartments, then incorporated what they are doing in their music.

“It’s about creating music that fits a particular mood or atmosphere for the home. Whether you’re entertaining or relaxing, it’s about being able to create a certain type of mood that’s relevant to what you’re doing at that time.

“Geocon is world class in terms of what’s going on in all the building development in the Canberra region, as well as Australia. It really appeals to us as musicians. We curate a lot of music through our radio show, so it really goes hand in hand with our brand and also what we’re trying to do as artists.

“It’s cool to be able to impart our experiences to a developer with vision like Geocon. They’ve been really open to us as well. They really want our feedback. I thought we’d be literally writing a bunch of tunes for them and saying, “There you go.” But it’s been a really great, open collaboration.”

Freeman and Musgrove were also involved with selecting the music installations in the apartments, including the Sonos Connect: Amp.

“Sonos is one of the world leaders in sound devices and installations,” Freeman says.

“This Amp is such a high-quality device. In terms of the sound you’re hearing it’s totally world class. We’re super proud to have Sonos be a part of this whole project, and

we’re excited that Sonos is the brand that’s going into the project.

The Connect: Amp delivers the ability to have music in every single room of your house.

“You can stream to this device from your iOS or Android device. So rather than trying to think about connecting every single room in its own way, this one thing is the brains that sits in the apartment you can then connect with speakers in any room of the house. And from one device, play music that hits every room or just some rooms. The experience for the end user is simple.

“It’s a really, really cool idea.”

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