As you wind down at the end of the day, consider taking a step back into the Australian bush of 100 years ago. Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary runs twilight walking tours that depart from the Gungahlin suburb of Forde.

Starting 30 minutes before sunset, the two to two-a-half hour or four kilometre walks will point out the nocturnal animals that live in the sanctuary and teach you about the endangered woodlands. Your guide will take you deep into the sanctuary, inside the predator-proof fence, where just waking native animals are thriving without the presence of foxes and feral cats.

On the tour, you might be lucky enough to hear the distant cry of the Bush Stone-curlew as it wakes to search for insects in the grassy woodland or see a tiny sugar glider eating nectar from the top of a flowering eucalyptus tree. You will also observe kangaroos and wallabies feeding in their natural environment and may spot a possum slowly walking along the ground from tree to tree, now that they are adapting to their predator-free environment.

Take the kids and pack gear suitable for rain or shine. For more information about the area and what you’ll discover, download the Mulligans Flat Grassy Woodlands Trail

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