“Transforming property ownership in Australia”

our vision


The first fully integrated property enterprise in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Geocon have a proven track record of success across construction, development, hospitality management, investment, sales and conveyancing. Responsible for delivering more than one third of new apartments in the national capital, Geocon is shaping Canberra’s skyline, and is an industry leader in large scale, high-rise residential and commercial developments. With an end to end approach to home ownership in Australia, Geocon is transforming the way people purchase property and create wealth through asset management. Leading the growth of a world-class capital, Geocon are pioneers in a new wave of property evolution.



We know that meaningful change requires meaningful action. We stand ready to evolve the property landscape in Australia and commit the full strength of our organisation to achieving goals that others find impossible. Through collaboration and innovation we continue to foster a culture of excellence and take pride in our ambitious and entrepreneurial outlook on behalf of our clients. 

our brand

Our values underpin everything we do. They are the foundation upon which we shape our engagement with clients and the behaviours that we demand from our staff and suppliers.



Integrity demands truthfulness, honesty and courage. We take pride in our ability to lead by example, be accountable for our actions, show compassion and empathy towards others and demonstrate our loyalty and commitment to our clients, our staff and our partners.



We acknowledge that trust is earned through honest, open and clear communication. Through respectful behaviour and the highest of professional standards we seek to form rewarding and valuable relationships that are underpinned by trust and a genuine commitment to our clients.



Our business is galvanised through an unwavering commitment to excellence. We take pride in setting and achieving goals that others find impossible. By overcoming fear and uncertainty we move forward knowing that excellence underpins success.



Innovation is the lifeblood of our business. We thrive on the challenges found in innovation and seek at all times to be adaptable and responsive. Our staff are empowered to engage in entrepreneurial, technological and strategic innovation that leads to positive outcomes for our clients. We recognise that possibilities for innovation exist everywhere and strive to foster a culture that discovers and champions the new and the next.



Being curious and interested enables us to contribute and improve the world around us. Knowledge underpins our leadership position and allows Geocon to do what others can’t. Our knowledge allows us to live up to our vision and deliver upon our promise.