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Geocon sees benefit in backing organisations which support our values and strategic direction. As a result, Geocon is the proud supporter of Canberra-based organisations like Menslink and the Women’s ANU AFL club. Geocon is proudly Canberran, but we are a national company with international clients. Our focus is to reinvent the way Australians purchase property and to create a city which people can be proud of now and into the future.

Each year Geocon receives a large number of sponsorship requests. The company responds to each request on its merit against a consistent set of criteria, against the company’s values, it’s commitment to the local region and ROI. Due to the high level of interest in Geocon sponsorships and partnerships, we can only support a limited number of requests. As a result, we sometimes decline opportunities even if they fit our sponsorship guidelines.


Supporting Canberra

Does the group have a proven track record of supporting Canberra, Canberrans or Canberra’s best interests?

Geocon’s values

Does the sponsorship reflect Geocon’s values? Are the applicants:

  • Professional, presentable and reliable;
  • Pushing the boundaries and creating a buzz;
  • Supportive of big ideas;
  • Agile, approachable and resilient;
  • Supportive of greater density being built in Canberra’s urban centres.
Sponsorship outcomes

Through any sponsorship arrangement, Geocon is looking to secure:

  • Better outcomes for Canberra, the community, its residents and the local organisations;
  • Improved social and commercial outcomes for both Geocon and our partners;
  • Greater exposure for Geocon, our business, our initiatives and those of our partners.
What’s not compatible

Geocon won’t touch sponsorship with groups who:

  • Are political, religious or overtly controversial;
  • Support violence, discriminate or act in a non-inclusive way towards other members of the community;
  • Argue against Geocon’s ambitions for Canberra and its people;
  • Do not align with Geocon’s values.
Marketing and Brand

Is the partnership a good fit for the Geocon brand?


Is there a distinct value-add for Geocon from the partnership? Value add might be evident through:

  • Positive exposure for Geocon;
  • Business exposure – including networking opportunities, data and information sharing
  • Multiple channels for activation and promotion.

Is Geocon the primary brand involved in the partnership?

Time frames

Applicants should allow a period of three months before the partnership is required to apply. This is flexible and will be assessed case by case.

Addressing the criteria listed above, please provide your written sponsorship application to:
Geocon Corporate Affairs Manager, Elliot Woods,

Applicants should attempt to keep submissions to one page. Submissions longer than two pages will not be considered.

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